What is Fauquier Family Fitness about?

More private than a gym

Fauquier Family Fitness is a personal training studio for people who prefer a private setting to start their weight loss or fitness journey. Founded by a trainer who is empathetic to the needs of people who struggle with weight and passionate about helping people transform their lives.  Perfect for individuals or small groups who are ready to make serious changes in their health.

Come as you are

All body types are welcome, there is no judgement about your current condition – this is the place to move forward and learn to love living in your own body again.

In a private studio environment, you are free to learn, try new things, and take baby steps when necessary.  Learn to love food without guilt and learn to move your body safely and efficiently to regain your health and lose unwanted pounds.

Fauquier Family Fitness is a family friendly studio for teens, children, parent/child teams, couples, all are welcome.  Fitness is best achieved with the support of a team, whether that team is a family, a group of friends, or just people who share a common goal.

“Private, and secluded, but well lit and energetic. A great place to focus on what is most important….ME!”
“Finally, someone who not only knows what I’m going through, he knows the way out.”
“A nice safe place with no judgement, no distractions, and everything I need to make a new start.”

When you are ready to make a change, give us a call at 540.316.0317.